POS Rolls

POS Rolls

Maximize the visibility of your brand, return policy or promotion by adding custom print to the paper receipt rolls you are already using.

Why should I customize my receipt paper?

Whenever your customer transacts with your company, there’s an opportunity to make an impression. The best way to do that is with visually attractive material and print. A receipt with printing on it is harder to throw away and forget about than a plain one.

What can I print on my paper rolls?

We can print almost anything you could imagine on paper rolls. The most common requests we get are for things like logos, trademarks, websites, additional services offered, claims & return policies, coupon codes, promotions being run, event advertising, watermarks and security features, and other marketing ideas. This is a very cost-efficient way to promote your brand and make a longer lasting impression on your customers.

Can printing on my receipt save me money?

If you’re operating a retail front that sells brand name goods, apparel or other merchandise, then yes – and here’s how. There are a lot of items being sold or resold on the internet, and brand names can be purchased from places other than the original stores. These items can then be returned to the store for a refund of their full original value. So, one of the best forms of protection again such fraudulent returns is the ability to prove the piece of merchandise was originally purchased at your store or outlet. Using security features printed on your receipt helps to combat this growing deceitful practice. Some of our security features include things like perforations, thermochromic inks, UV inks, holographs and other security print which cannot be duplicated.