Our Mission

We’re committed to boosting efficiency for single and multi-location companies by consolidating the delivery of quality specialty supplies and customized packaging. We provide customers with the equipment and supplies necessary to solve their money handling, security, distribution, and warehousing needs, with an eye toward simplicity, efficiency, and quality customer service.

How We Operate

One of the benefits of choosing us as your product supplier is that you can leverage our existing facilities to save time and money. We incorporate your custom products to our established production runs, and provide warehousing and distribution.  Bulk and multi-item shipments save you administration costs and resources, materials and freight costs. Local warehousing ensures that you get the supplies you need quickly and without the hassles of international logistics. With NSS at the helm, you don’t need to balance vendors, pay duties on foreign shipments or pay to store supplies on-site.

A customer-centered strategy that works

Family owned and operated, we understand the importance of developing a strong connection with the people we serve. We seek to make customers feel valued and have done so since our inception in 1987.

Although we’ve grown considerably since our first shop in Tillsonburg, Ontario, we haven’t forgotten the people who got us there – our customers. That’s why our Customer Care Team is ready to pick up the phone, answer any questions you might have, and provide meaningful solutions.

The NSS Team

Get to know us! We are the tight and agile team that stickhandles your requests - from concept and creation through to delivery and deployment. If you are interested in joining our group, reach out to Aaron Carpani.

President & COO

Aaron Carpani

Vice President, Sales & Marketing

Wes Carpani

Operations Manager

Trent Carpani

Packaging Design & Creatives

Jameson Pike

Customer service

Mikayla Shaw


Diana Vendepoele


Kayd Brown


Reach out - we would love to hear from you.