We’re Not A Good Fit

We have built our business on enduring relationships where our customers are looking for a fair price, vendor help managing the production process and supply-chain, and someone that can add value of customization, print, warehousing and forecasting.


Since 1987, we’ve done business with a number of customers who we’ve had to part ways with. That’s because we haven’t been a good fit for each other. That said, we thought we’d summarize our experiences and help prospective customers decide whether we’ll be able to bring value to them or be a good fit. Here’s our findings –


We’re not a good fit…


              …if you want to deal directly with a manufacturer.

Purchasing through a wholesaler can often make a buyer feel like they’re not getting the best deal, or are paying an unnecessary mark up. We are considered a jobbing-converter. That means we manage a portfolio of manufacturing partners which have a wide array of production capabilities. We know their unique capabilities, match your project with those capabilities, then run your project in-line with similar projects and share the efficiencies.


              …if you are looking for plain packaging supplies!

There are a lot of vendors who specialize in plain stock mailers, boxes, tape, and move large quantities annually. While we also have stock of plain mailers, clam shell boxes, regular slot cartons (RSC) and other unprinted packaging supplies, we are not the most competitive at it. We excel in managing the artwork, packaging design, print/production process, then offering managed inventory services and distribution.


              …If promoting your brand through printed packaging supplies doesn’t engage your customers.

Some brands are shipping very high value goods through the mail or courier system and they want their packages to travel incognito – these brands do not rely on the unboxing experience to improve buyer satisfaction and perceived value. Although 19% of consumers today become excited to receive a delivery with branding on it, it may not be worth it for you if your brand is perceived as an ‘extra high’ value product.


              …if you are looking for a low-quality packaging product.

We are not always the cheapest option for custom packaging supplies. Pretty much all of our products are made here in North America (the USA and Canada). The cost of manufacturing can be higher, but we’re able to ensure a high quality product and print finish – we remain in control of the supply chain, transit times, while reducing the carbon footprint of overseas production and sea or air transit.